The Grimms -- Wilan and Jaklyn (thegrimms) wrote,
The Grimms -- Wilan and Jaklyn

Introduction to Jaklyn

Sometimes I think I am only a ghost, and Jaklyn is the living twin: the vibrant one, who runs and dances, leaving her pale shadow behind. When we were born it was she who cracked the egg and I who followed; and that is how we have been ever since.

Jak is red as health and busy as time, never still and never quiet. I try to stay with her, to look before she leaps. We have always known we would apprentice to the Guild of Storymakers; but sometimes I think she creates the stories and I only record them.

She has more confidence than I do, in me as well as in herself. She tells me sometimes it needs my silence to hear the story whispering underneath the surface.

Jaklyn it was who had the idea to masquerade as humans, to take advantage of the printing press and be heard round the world. To create an impact no Storymaker ever had before, to immortalize our stories. In some ways, hers is the glory of our legacy.

It was I, on the other hand, who had the idea of writing ourselves into it, embedding our story among others’: the white sister and the red.

The Queen told us, as we knelt before her with the request for joint Master Storymaker status, that neither alone would have been enough.

But together - we are more.
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